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In 1998 Steve Crim thought he'd found the goose that laid the golden egg.  Awarded the contract to provide websites for a dealer group with 8 locations, ScreenCrafters was off and running.

With the sites in place Crim, like everyone else back then thought the traffic would flood in and everything would be wonderful.  Not so!!!  The first month there was maybe 200 visitors and no, "absolutely no" leads.

The IT Director for the group at that time (Burt Taylor) became the driving force that ScreenCrafters Search and Lead Technology was born out of.  Burt pushed Crim in every direction but out the door to make the websites pay for themselves and show a profit.

At that time there was a little known industry  learning how to drive from search engines to websites that sold everything from books to adult interests.  Back then the techniques were simple and required little effort.

Cindy, Ci Ci, Steve, and Caitlin, Summer 2007,

In short order Crim was driving traffic from all over the country to those eight dealer sites.  Completely useless traffic because most dealers don't sell too far outside of their own backyard.

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And to top off that little defeat, there still weren't any leads.  Back to the drawing board.  From that experience, Crim learned how to create local, targeted traffic.

Leads and lead generation were solved when a fellow moderator from Webmaster World introduced Crim to how they generate leads in the most profitable industry on the internet.

Search Engines changed and evolved through the years and so did ScreenCrafters.  One thing that remained consistent through the years was the dealers need for additional website traffic, additional leads and a good percentage of those converting to sales.

ScreenCrafters leads were originally generated from an old fashioned pop-up window, much like those used in the Adult industry.  As things changed, those pop-ups were less and less effective - pop blockers were stopping them right and left.

ScreenCrafters once again changed and developed a revolutionary system for generating leads that is Patent Pending Technology.  Read one of our two patent offerings on the United States Patent websites.

The Meat and Potatoes - How It All Works
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ScreenCrafters has 3 systems that work together to provide your dealer website with the greatest search engine exposure, traffic retention and lead generation.

Search Engine Visibility -  SEV makes it possible for people looking for your product in your area to find you.  Not under odd ball terms like some would have you believe are useful - you become visible for terms that buyers look for, again, your product in your area.

Driving traffic to a site with non-specific terms basically wastes the internet departments time.  Our only focus is potential buyer traffic.

Lead Generation - Without leads there is no value to having extra traffic.  

Leads are the life's blood of all dealership internet departments.

If you never ask for a person's contact info they will never give it to you.

Without that information on the serious buyers that visit your website, you're flying blind - you don't know who was there, you don't know what they wanted, and you don't know how to reach them.

Would you let someone walk onto the lot without greeting them and trying to gather that information?

When a potential customer takes any action on your homepage, our system activates and gives them an opportunity to tell you who they are in real-time.

With that information you have a solid sales lead. Solid leads equal solid sales.

Call and find out more about the third system. Our Second Chance Re-Entry system virtually guarantees your dealer website will be the last thing your potential clients sees

Reduce or Eliminate Third Party Leads
Unhooking the "third party leads" leash

Steve and Ci Ci - Cindy and Caitlin, The Crim family in a self portrait 2004.

Right now if you are buying third party leads, they are coming from your back yard.  That's right - a third party lead provider has to reach into your territory, grab the leads and then re-sell them to you and or your competitors.

Most dealers don't sell very far outside their own market - more than 25 to 50 miles, so - those leads should belong to you anyway.

In order for a third party lead provider to sell you a lead they have to swoop into your area grab that leads and then sell it to you or your competitor.

ScreenCrafters Search Visibility systems empowers your website to produce the leads you traditionally had to pay for - even though they came from your own backyard.

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